A Moon Garden

the debut novel by Roxane Gilbert

British Army Captain Joseph Buckleigh knows that he may not survive the American Revolution. Treacherous adversaries on both sides of the battle line want him dead. As danger mounts and chaos encroaches, Joseph breaks a fundamental rule and falls in love with Grace Mendes, a Jewish colonist who is the sister of an enemy soldier. If he gets out of the Colonies alive and returns home to England, will he ever see her again? A Moon Garden is a classic epic tale of love, war, honor, and sacrifice, and a testament to the endurance of faith, family, and friendship.


About Roxane Gilbert

Roxane Gilbert was born in Chicago, Illinois, and has lived in New York, Florida, and California. Her passions include art, history, opera, and gardening. Some of her dogs and cats have been immortalized in sculpture, paintings, and prints by West Coast artists including David Gilhooly and Lowell Herrero.

2 thoughts on “A Moon Garden

  1. Hello Roxane, my name is Cheryl Kelly, cjkelly1@live.com. Our book club in Grass Valley, CA is talking about your book on Monday, Feb. 8th in a zoom call and was wondering if you would make a small appearance? I thought perhaps after reading your many posts that you lived here in Nevada County, CA and possibly know Arlene Waxman who suggested your book. I am the one leading the discussion of your book. The meeting starts at 2pm if you have any time, thanks for your consideration of this matter, Cheryl Kelly

  2. Hi Cheryl. Thank you for letting me know that your book club is reading A Moon Garden. How exciting! I have emailed you privately regarding the the zoom call.

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