Magic, Fairies, and the River Foss

There is a popular shop on the Shambles in York that sells little ceramic ghosts. You can’t walk far in that ancient neighborhood without realizing that ghosts are a big business with the tourists.  But I didn’t know about the fairies in York, until I stumbled upon them one summer morning while walking along the bank of the River Foss.

The River Foss
Beech Tree along the River Foss in York

Although I never actually saw any fairies, it could have been because they were asleep among the blackberries.  While I would never intentionally disturb them, I certainly wasn’t tempted to look for them and risk getting tangled up in the thorns.  Nevertheless, they seemed to go all out to make visitors feel welcome, even if they were not there to greet anyone personally.

Shhh Fairies Sleeping
Shhh Fairies Sleeping

The fairies had placed informational signs on the ground, leaning against the trees.  Sometimes a plaque was hung on a trunk a few inches up from the base.  I suppose that was as high as a tall fairy could reach while standing on a ladder.  As I made my way along the riverbank, I enjoyed reading about the magical properties of the plants that grew there.  I learned a lot that day.

Believe in unseen magic, for magic is everywhere.